Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bear Layout 1

Birds of a Feather

Congo Stumps

Keep it Congo

North Westrian Layout 2

Crooked again


SubWay Shout-Out


Comic Ideas

North Westrian Layout 1

Wish this wasn't crooked!

Jungle Music

I've been getting pretty into Electronic music lately.

Deer Heads Decending

Lone Wolf

Sub Life

This image captures my life working for the Subway Sandwich corporation. I worked there for the last few months (summer 2010) and loved most every minuet. I really miss it there...Everyone says this one looks like a skateboard graphic.

Teen Age Fawn

Side Deer Head Shot

Father Buck

Thought this guy looked like he was pretty noble.

Fawn Sips

This one

Cloud Thoughts

Lookout Mt.

the scanner I'm using makes everything look a little lopsided. Bummer. This one began a series of deer drawings which lead to a show that I had at Le Voyeur. The pieces were blown up prints mounted on Jig-Saw Cutouts.

Pitted Youth

A design for my band, Pitted Youth

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum

Furry Friends

Shark Style

not super into this one.

Knuckle Heads

This image was inspired by my neighbor Matt. He's always telling us Congo Boys that we're a bunch of Knuckle Heads.